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World’s First Dual Engine Cloud based Security for Social Media Applications

The World is not a safe place anymore and this statement applies to the World Wide Web too. In recent

times, there have been millions of instances where systems have been affected by viruses, Trojans, hacking,

phishing and vishing attacks. Users, be it individuals, corporates, shoppers, students or governmental

departments are being targeted constantly with Trojans, spyware, spamming, malware and ransomware.

India is no exception and has witnessed a significant increase in cybercrime.

The recent instance of the ransom ware 'Wanna Cry' affecting devices world over including India is evidence

that we live in a very insecure and fragile virtual environment. 

Celframe Internet Security protects you from various types of threats.

Redefine your world
For over a decade, Celframe has been protecting computer systems of users worldwide with its constantly upgraded security software.

You depend on your computers for so many things – so you need to protect them all against the very latest digital dangers. Our cloud-assisted security helps you protect against infections & attacks, blocks banners & spam, keeps your software up-to-date and warns you about dangerous websites – before you click on them. Because your computer is capable of storing a lot of sensitive, personal information – that can be valuable to criminals – you need to make sure snoopers and phishers can’t steal your confidential data. We’ll help you guard your personal data, prevent your online activities being monitored and protect your data when you connect to a public network.

Equipped with its Dual Engine Scanning Technology, Celframe Internet Security offers you several features such as:

  • Intelligent Cloud Protection
  • Protection against viruses, phishing, vishing, Trojans etc.
  • Protection from Threats on Social media
  • Security on real time basis while shopping or banking online
  • Protection from spyware, malware, ransom-ware, internet attacks and cyber snoopers
  • Anti-banner blocks and Parental Controls
  • Prevents malicious network and hacker attacks
  • Cleans up your PC for smoother functioning
  • Light on your system resources

Celframe Internet Security is compatible with Windows based desktops and laptops. Users will automatically be eligible to a free upgrade to our next and more comprehensive software version to be released very shortly. 

Versions of CIS

1 User  - 1 year and 1 User  - 2 years (to be launched shortly)​​

  Existing Users will be automatically eligible for        upgrade to the next software version

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