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Why Celframe Products?

Today’s businesses work in a very complex e-co system. Main challenges lie in improving productivity at the lowest possible cost supported by efficient MIS. When it comes to Office Business and Communication Applications, the choices are limited. Indian Enterprises are constantly looking for cost-effective, reliable and affordable solutions. We are offering an opportunity to meet this challenge.


  • Affordable and competitively priced products giving better return on customer's IT investment
  • Celframe Office combines the capabilities of Microsoft Office, Adobe and Corel Draw and supports over 150 file formats
  • Celframe Office has other outstanding and unique features
  • Products support legacy systems
  • Proven technology and innovative products
  • Easy to use and good “look-and-feel”
  • Excellent feedback from customers globally and reliable customer care

Why Cygen Partnership is a Very Good business decision ?

Both Celframe and Cygen follow a policy of treating distributors as partners in our business and we believe that our success lies in the hands of the distributor partner. We intend to follow a flat partner structure and will not have a pyramid structure for distribution.

  • Celframe products are more affordable and are able to reach a significantly large number of customers in a short duration
  • Significantly better than market payouts / fees to Distribution Partners
  • Free training to our partners
  • Minimal competition in Office suite business and we have the optimal and cost-effective solution to your customers
  • Celframe Switch for Corporate and institutional customers will give them an excellent and affordable package deal
  • Low monthly sales off-take to begin with
  • Good opportunity to tap the gray or piracy market and bring them into the legitimate world as Celframe products as affordable
  • Celframe offers excellent technical support and its products are patented
  • Flexible pricing for Special Projects or large value orders
  • New Celframe products in the offing which will add to our existing product suite - Jot Office Suite and Upgraded Celframe Security products
  • Coverage of a wide range of clientele ranging from individuals, System Integrators / Assemblers, SMEs, MMEs, Large Corporate Houses, Governments, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Professionals to OEMs.

We will provide technical and marketing related support like product collaterals, ad designs and technical papers such as tech sheets, competitor analysis, product ads, flash presentations, ads in magazines and online media.

Next steps

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-  please fill a Cygen Partnership Registration form or contact us at
-  we sign the partnership agreement
-  launch, stocking and other set up processes
-  Going Live on Sales