Tech Support

Richard Kulik, Senior Executive, Boeing

We never had second thoughts on Celframe, its product range is world class. We are very happy with the performance similar to what we expect from each aircraft that leaves our company. Celframe is very serious about its customers and they demonstrate by delivering highest quality products.

Director at Haskell Consulting

Features and compatibility - best selling features

Duncan Ayre, Technology, Canadian Navy Maritime Forces Pacific

Great to have all the applications in one program. We don’t need to purchase so many expensive softwares and also keep upgrading our hardware to support all those resource hogging programs.

A Retail Individual User

I am seriously glad that there is an alternative, very promising products I would say.

An Information Systems Specialist

I picked up Celframe for evaluation for my company. Now we have switched all our PC’s all over the country and other parts of the world, followed by our partners and now our clients too. Call me a Celframe Fan I wouldn’t mind.